Public relations and public affairs

Ingvar Sverrisson

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Ingvar Sverrisson is the founder and CEO of Aton. He has a vast experience from the advertisement industry in Iceland and was the CEO at one of its largest firms. Ingvar also has extensive experience from the public sector since he was the senior political advisor to the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Welfare. In recent years Ingvar has worked as an advisor for a host of Icelandic companies, organizations and for the public sector. Ingvar has a MBA degree from the University of Reykjavík.

Huginn Freyr Thorsteinsson

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Huginn Freyr Thorsteinsson is a partner at Aton. He is the former senior political advisor to the Icelandic Minister of Finance and Minister of Industries and Innovation. Huginn has also been an adjunct professor at the University of Akureyri in Iceland and has been on various boards and commissions for public and private companies. Huginn Freyr is vastly experienced in working on international advisory projects. Huginn has a Ph.D in Philosophy of Science from the University of Bristol.

Saerun Osk Palmadottir

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Saerun Osk holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Reykjavik University and a Master’s in Strategic Public Relations from Lund University and University of Stirling with emphasis on crisis communication. She has also earned a project management certification (Level D) from IPMA. Saerun has PR experience working in the IT industry and marketing communication. 

Elias Jon Gudjonsson

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Elias Jon Gudjonsson is a former senior political advisor to the Icelandic Minister of Education, Culture and Science. He has also been the Head of Information at the Icelandic Ministry of Finance. Elias Jon has also worked as a journalist for some of the largest publications in Iceland. He has been on various boards and commissions that has related to his work within the public sector. Elias Jon has an education in Political Science from the University of Iceland.

Bryndis Isfold Hlodversdottir

Sími: +(354) 697 30 40
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Bryndis Isfold has a long term experience, nationally and internationally, working in the private and public sector as well as for NGO‘s. She has worked as a consultant in many campaigns.  In the last few years she lived in New York and Seattle. During that time she worked for a French presidential candidate, for UN Women in New York and for mayoral candidates in both New York and Seattle. Previously she was a deputy city councillor in Reykjavík for seven years and ran the national campaign for Iceland to join the EU. She has a master’s degree in Campaign and Election Management from Fordham University in New York.